About Us

Edith Rose Designs is committed to developing products which offer affordable,  luxury for everyone to enjoy
Bringing together the finest quality products ,combining them with elegant packaging and beautiful finishing touches - together with 'oodles' of our own personal commitment and passion, we hope that there is something for everyone in our collection of soy wax candles, melts and diffusers.

We are a small family run business in Buckinghamshire, living out a long held dream to run our own business and produce beautiful fragranced gifts that exude quality and style at an affordable price.  Every single item in our range has been carefully selected to represent the highest standards of workmanship, quality and value.  All of the beautiful candles, melts and fragranced room diffiusers  in our range are hand poured and made in our own workshops. 

We believe passionately that any gift, whatever the size or value should be presented in the best way possible - because any gift, whatever the size, is of equal importance to the giver and the recipient. 

We love nature & the natural world and all the wonderful things it has given us - flowers, herbs, scents and perfumes - that's why our products reflect all of these.  From an early age 'the outdoors'  has been at the centre of our lives and bringing a little of the natural world into our homes is a wonderful privilege for all of us to enjoy.
We also love to receive beautiful stylish gifts ourselves - and have worked hard to ensure that the experience of receiving a gift from Edith Rose Designs reflects what we would expect ourselves. 
We use 100% soy wax and the highest quality fragrances, and most of of our beautiful packaging is made from recycled card and materials.

We hope you all can find something you love - for us that's what it's all about....